The Road to Success

by Emilie Carmolinga2019 ATTBN Junior Reporter

Today when I found out I was interviewing and meeting not one, or two, but THREE professional golfers, I was excited but nervous at the same time. The golfers names are Joey Garber, Alex Prugh, and José De Jesús Rodriguez.

This interview included me, fellow Junior Reporter Andrew, and a few Salesmanship Club Members.

Here’s my story:

  1. When you were a kid, did you ever think you would become a professional golfer?

Garber and Prugh both started playing golf when they were young.  Garber started getting serious about it in 8th grade when his family moved from Michigan to Florida.  Prugh played soccer as a kid, but then chose to focus on golf.  Both Garber and Prugh played golf in their college years.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, had a not-so-easy childhood.  When I read about him beforehand, I learned that he grew up in Irapuato, Mexico.  As a young child, he helped his family pick corn.  As a teenager, he came to the United States by crossing the Rio Grande.  He began caddying, and that’s what led to him becoming a professional golfer.

In thinking about these stories, it made me realize that there is not just one way to excellence.  There are many ways.

  1. When you miss a putt, what do you do to reset and re-focus?

None of these golfers get mad or throw a tantrum.  This didn’t surprise me.  Golf is a calm, quiet sport that requires players to make improvements every day.  For each of these professionals, when they don’t perform well, they ask themselves what they did wrong.  They focus on how they can fix this.  Two of the players actually talked about the importance of taking deep breaths.  When I heard this, I thought, “Hey, that’s what we do at my school too!”

  1. What are sacrifices you had to make to be a Pro golfer?

All three golfers agreed that going out on the tour and leaving family behind was very difficult.  Pugh has two young kids, and he said, “Thank God for technology!’  He Facetimes his kids.

Rodriguez has two kids, ages 10 and 13, and he says they follow him while he in on tour, keeping track of his game.

  1. What do you do when you see other players do better than you?

Prugh: “I remember that this is just a game, and that I should have fun. It’s all about patience.”

Garber: “I talk to my caddie.  He gives me advice on what to do, and he is really upbeat so he makes me laugh and be happy.”

Rodriguez: “I focus on patience.  I think of my goals.”

  1. What advice do you have for the kids?

They all agreed: Be passionate and keep pushing for what you want. Stay in school and thank your parents for all they do for you. Do whatever makes you happy.

This was the end to my interview with Alex Prugh, Joey Garber, and Jose De Jesus Rodriguez. I really enjoyed meeting them and knowing more about them.  I was surprised at how easy it was to ask questions, and I really felt like an adult.