Ten Things we Learned during our Week as Junior Reporters

By Melina Gonzalez and John Rodriguez, 2017 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reportersreporters 1


10. The AT&T Byron Nelson will move to Dallas in 2018.


9. Peggy Nelson was a cheerleader in high school.


8. All the food at the Four Seasons– especially the barbacoa, scalloped potatoes, and desserts – are incredibly delicious!


7. You should wait for ice cream to melt a little bit before you put it in your mouth, so it doesn’t get frozen to your lip. (Luckily, Melina has no scars!)


6. All athletes are different, but what they have in common is that they all have the courage to go out, have fun, play hard and try to win.


5. Even professional golfers can make the mistake of not settling their glitter before they start to compete.


4. To be smart, you have to get the help you need, and when you do that, it means you are smart to ask for help.


3. There’s many, many fun things to do at the AT&T Byron Nelson.


2. We’re both better at writing, now that we’ve worked as Junior Reporters for a week.


1. With practice, your writing can improve. And your golf.