Setting the Field

Each week on the PGA TOUR the players have until 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) Friday to commit to the next week’s PGA TOUR event.  All year the host organizations have been talking to the players pointing out all the amenities that their event has to offer.  Remember from my earlier posts that there at 45 events on the PGA TOUR and each player is required to play a minimum of 15 events.  A typical player plays about half of the schedule so each event is trying hard to make sure the player doesn’t skip their week.  It is a year round job and the Salesmanship Club recruiters are out on tour talking to the players all the time.

At 5:00 PM on Friday the team was anxiously waiting to see how they did in their solicitations.  So, how did they do?  Pretty darn good!!

Just take a glance …


Now, the professionals who have status “got in” on their own.  Eight more players get into the field via sponsor exemptions.  Here is who, as of now, the tournament selected:

  • Alex Carpenter
  • Steve Flesch
  • Colt Knost
  • Joe Ogilvie
  • Rod Pampling
  • Scottie Scheffler
  • Marcel Siem
  • D.J. Trahan

Byron Nelson week is about to begin …