Optimism at AT&T Byron Nelson


by Tanek Huerta, 2023 ATT Byron Nelson Junior Reporter

Jeff Eckert is the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament Chairman. That means he is in charge of this week’s tournament. I got to ask him some questions, and I was very surprised. He was very positive and talked about never giving up and focusing on the good things. I was surprised because usually people directing big events are probably stressed and worrying about things. But Mr. Eckert wasn’t. He did tell us that he was worried about the weather, but he was also ready to just deal with it. He gave us long answers to our questions and went deep into it. He told us about one of his coaches, and how this person was like his second father. The things he said were familiar to me, as many people here at the tournament talk about really liking the team they are working with. Stay positive, everyone!