Momentous Institute Junior Reporters: Thursday

Champions Way by Jizelle

Today I visited the Momentous Institute booth on Champions Way. Besides learning about Momentous Institute there, you can play a game called Plinko. In order to play you only have to like or follow them on any kind of social media (the Momentous staff members working in the booth can help you). Plinko is this big board with a variety of prizes on the bottom of the board. There are little metal sticks poking out all over the board. You go behind it and get on a step stool to reach the top. It is that tall! You get a little disc with the Momentous Institute logo on it. All you have to do is drop the disc and it will go zig-zag all over. Once it reaches the bottom it will land on one of the prize and you win that prize. The prizes are: Water Bottles, Tumblers, Keychains, Croakies (those go around your neck and hold your glasses.),T-Shirts, Sunglasses and Bracelets. I really like the sunglasses. They are the kind that have little holes in them. On one side they have the AT&T logo. On the other side is the Momentous Institute. The T-shirt is also pretty cool. The back of the T-Shirt features one of our mottos- “Settle Your Glitter” and on the front it says Momentous Institute.

Also in the booth is a big painting of a heart (our logo) that was painted by our art teacher Ms. Kiwiet. Inside the heart are multiple smaller hearts drawn by visitors to the booth. A board to the side of the big heart painting had pictures of students drawing hearts. It is awesome to see people come to the booth and get all excited when they get the disc in a prize slot. It is also nice to see how many visitors have already drawn hearts on the poster to show their support of Momentous Institute. Make sure to stop by the Momentous Institute booth and add your heart to ours!

Kids Zone by Pablo Ocampo

Steve Saunders, one of the club members volunteering at the Kids Zone says “”If you aren’t having fun you’re not a kid” and after what I saw when I visited I can see why. The Kid Zone has lots of actives for kids 15 and younger. Outside, there are three bounce houses (one is an obstacle course) and five mini putting areas. Inside, there are toys like a play kitchen, train set, cars and dolls. There are also tables where kids can make necklaces and bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners. Some of the beads have letters on them so kids can make “coping bracelets”, which are bracelets that spell words you can look at when you need to think positive thoughts. There are art supplies, coloring books and a tattoo station where you can get a heart tattoo. There is a T.V. and video games you can play and they will be showing movies. There are even books you can read or have read to you during Red Pants Reading Hour. Another cool thing is that AT&T is providing 9 tablets for kids to play games and test out the social-emotional apps Momentous created: Breathing Bubbles, Settle Your Glitter and Pass the Drop.

Probably the coolest thing for me at the Kids zone is that the Mavericks mascots will be there so you can take a picture with them. They are going to be there on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.

Ed Reeve, another club member volunteering at the Kids Zone says they expect from 1000 to 2500 people in and out of the Kids Zone, depending on the day. With all these great activities, I won’t be surprised if they have even more. I hope that if you’re a kid and come to the Nelson, that you will stop by the Kids Zone. If you’re not a kid, you should think about bringing one so you have an excuse to stop by too- it’s air conditioned!