Momentous Institute Junior Reporters: 7 Favorite Quotes From the 2018 AT&T Byron Nelson


By: Nestor Resendiz and Delilah Martinez
2018 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporters


1. “It’s personal”


  • Who said it: Mayor Mike Rawlings

  • Why we included it: It shows he has passion for this tournament coming back to Dallas.


2. “Be the change”


  • Who said it: Rico Tesio, COO, Blue Strike Environmental

  • Why we included it: It speaks to the importance of having confidence in what you do, even when it seems difficult.


3. “We fought and prayed. Fought and prayed.”


  • Who said it: Ladies from the neighborhoods surrounding the Trinity Forest Golf Course.

  • Why we included it: We were impressed by their strategy and perseverance. Without their fighting and praying, there might still be an illegal dump here instead of a golf course.


4. “You have to let it go and maintain confidence.”


  • Who said it: PGA TOUR Professional Andrew Yun

  • Why we included it: It’s important to not let stress get the best of you and to take care of your social emotional health.


5. “Look! A hummingbird!”


  • Who said it: Nestor Resendiz, Junior Reporter

  • Why we included it: Spontaneous joy and connecting with nature just makes everyone happy.


6. “Nestor, Nestor, Nestor…”


  •  Who said it: Delilah Martinez, Junior Reporter

  • Why we included it: We heard Delilah say this so often, as she reacted to Nestor’s wry comments and funny antics.


7. “Adversity demonstrated the character that you already have.”


  • Who said it: Daryl “Moose” Johnston

  • Why we included it: Before you have any adversity, you already have character. Adversity allows you to show your true colors.