Momentous Institute Junior Reporter: Trinity River Audubon Center


Look! A Birdie (the kind that chirps and tweets)


By: Delilah Martinez
2018 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporter


A GREEN LIZARD!! “Wow, how cool!” says the shocked


Ms.Whidden, our media guide for the week. “I think it’s an anole,” replies executive director Lucy Hale.  We googled it, and she was right. “I love how its chin goes big like a frog!” said the amazed Ms.Whidden. Then, we headed off to our adventure walk at the Trinity River Audubon Center, the wonderful place that is right next to the Trinity Forest Golf Club.


Our walk started with some very unique and nature-like questions. Did you know that Lucy’s favorite bird is the Painted Bunting? Also that Lucy’s family each has a bird nickname? For example, her dad’s nickname is Mockingbird because he can mimic bird calls. I personally think the whole idea of bird nicknames is so sweet and thoughtful.


When we were about to arrive at our destination, eek!  We almost didn’t even notice a RAT SNAKE!!!! It was about to cross our path when we interrupted it. It was all black and didn’t seem to notice us at first. Then when Ms.Whidden was about to take out her camera, it slithered away!  (No picture. So sad!)


After me, Lucy and Ms.Whidden were walking back, the watchful Nestor – my fellow Junior Reporter – spotted a  hummingbird! (So cool! The first one I ever saw!)


Did you also know that there are second Saturday Volunteer Days at Trinity River Audubon Center? You have to be older than 14 to apply. I mean, who wouldn’t want to apply? You help conserve and support the forest and wildlife that live there. Lucy and her crew help keep trash out of the forest (check out Nestor’s article on trash and recycling) and keep fertilizer out of the water so it can not pollute the wetland ecosystem.


The Trinity Forest is around 50 to 80 years old which is pretty amazing to me be because who knew a 6,000 acre forest could survive being surrounded by a city and a whole golf course! I mean that Trinity Forest is indeed a fighter! I even found out that it is the largest urban city forest in the country!


At Trinity River Audubon Center, they have seen over 260 species of bird! I can’t even hold a bird!  I’m glad that there is someone in Dallas who cares for birds and the forest as much as Lucy does.