Momentous Institute Junior Reporter: Mindfulness

By John Rodriguez, 2017 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporter

John Working

Today I am going to write about mindfulness.   The golfers I have been watching this week are really good!  Here’s two examples from the 2017 AT&T Byron Nelson:
  • I watched one golfer take a deep breath before he teed off.
  • I watched another golfer focus and take his time before he putt the ball.


When I interviewed professional golfers Chris Stroud and Mark Hubbard on Wednesday, they talked about sticking with the game, even when it gets challenging. They also talked about the importance of being passionate about your work.


This is true for all sports.   When Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez, a retired professional baseball player, came to our school on Monday, he talked about the importance of self-discipline.   I felt inspired, because not a lot of people say such a thing.


It seems like professional athletes need to practice their physical and mental skills.  Even PGA Tour golfers wake up early to practice before they tee off.   I’ve even seen professional golfer Jordan Spieth working out at the gym at the Four Seasons this week.  (That was exciting, and I rushed to tell everyone!)


At Momentous School, we settle our glitter. That means to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings.   To do that, we breathe and calm down. I think this will help me, and all athletes, to be successful.

The Momentous WayM Breathing
by Melina Gonzalez, 2017 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporter


Yesterday, I heard the news about Jordan Spieth. He didn’t make the cut at the AT&T Byron Nelson. When I heard the news about him, I was sad because he is my favorite golfer in the world, but he might win next year.


In Jordan’s media interviews, he said one of his reasons why he didn’t make the cut was because, “It was mental.”  At Momentous School, we would say – his glitter was not settled. I hope you win next year, Jordan Spieth!


Momentous School teaches kids how to settle their glitter.  It is a great school! I like it because of several things:  the teachers, the way they teach, and the Salesmanship Club members, (the guys in the red pants). However, my favorite thing about my school is the focus on social emotional health (SEH). SEH is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions, reactions and relationships.


During class, we take breathing breaks. Breathing breaks take about three minutes, and during that time you can use a chime or calm music. As a class, we sit at the rug sitting straight and breathing slowly while we hear the chime or the calm music. This helps us settle our glitter during class, so we can be more successful. After breathing, you will feel calm and that means you have  settled your glitter.


Being mindful is a great thing to be. Mindfulness helps you control your emotions and not act too wild. You have to be mindful of your surroundings, words, and actions.


I think mindfulness would help a professional golfer.  Not being mindful can kinda ruin your game because your emotions take over. This is probably what happened to Jordan Spieth. So, you learn from your mistakes.


Next week, when Jordan plays in another tournament in Fort Worth, he could use these elements of mindfulness to concentrate and take deep breaths.


Remember to do this when your amygdala is in charge! It will help you in life.