Momentous Institute Junior Reporter: Meeting Moose, (and joining the herd!)

      • By: Nestor Resendiz
        2018 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporter


      • Today we had a great honor.  We got to interview three-time winning Super Bowl champion Daryl “Moose” Johnston.  He told us that a lot of people think that being a professional athlete means that you’ve had an easy life. Turns out even a football player can even have trouble.  Moose told us that 2nd grade was the hardest grade of his life but the tables then turned. In 3rd grade, something new happened. He felt that this teacher trusted him and liked him. This was very important to Moose because he felt that his teacher had confidence in him, and it made him light up.


        • Moose also talked a lot about working hard.  He said, “There is no substitute for hard work, and nothing helps you more than that.”  He also told us, “Life is challenging. You will bump into adversity. People say adversity builds character, but I disagree.”  This confused me, until he finished the rest of his explanation. He said, “Adversity demonstrates the character that you already have.” I think is true .  It is something I can keep in mind as I prepare for big tests and for college.


        • Last  but not least, Moose said one thing that I thought was amazing. He said, “Anybody can be a changemaker.”  I loved the experience of hearing a retired football player talk about these things, and knowing that he still cares about change for kids like us.