Momentous Institute Junior Reporter: Lemon Surprise!

By Delilah Martinez
2018 AT&T Byron Nelson Junior Reporter


We were all waiting in line to get some fresh lemonade when we started talking to volunteer Shawn McCarthy, and boy did he have a story to tell!!


Me, fellow reporter Nestor and Ms.Whidden were just getting a drink but hey – we got a story too! Shawn told us how he met and got a signed golf ball from Jordan Spieth. It all started when Shawn, who lives in Forney, signed up to be a volunteer, not even knowing that he would get the opportunity of a lifetime.


Shawn said that he was a standard bearer, and that today he got the news that he was going to be doing this for Jordan. He was pumped!  He ended his shift and was headed out, disappointed. He’d had a great time, but he didn’t get Jordan’s autograph.  It just didn’t work out. He was walking back to the volunteer center when Jordan’s kind and generous caddie, Michael Greller, asked Shawn if he got a signed ball – but here was the problem. At that very moment, Michael and Jordan were riding away in a golf cart!!


With no time to waste, the amazing Michael nudged Jordan Spieth to give a signed ball to Shawn!!


Then, in what seemed like a flash, Shawn saw a ball being thrown in the air, aiming to him… it was a golf ball, signed by Jordan!! A wave of excitement flushed over Shawn as he realized he had a golf ball signed by Jordan Spieth!  Shawn even showed us the marks from where the golf ball had hit the ground, as it made its way to him.


This story very much represents one word. Kindness. I think this represents kindness because Michael Greller felt empathy for Shawn. Michael knew that if he were a volunteer standard bearer for Jordan, he would have wanted a signed golf ball. It just shows that the fame hasn’t gotten in Michael’s head, and that’s so thoughtful.


I wonder if I go back for a refill on my lemonade, will I get another story?!