Many players bunched at the top…

As we enter the final round of the HP Byron Nelson Championship there is a good chance we will have a shootout.  Many players are within 4 shots of the lead and, as we all know in the Texas wind, anything can happen.

If there is no playoff required then the award ceremony will take place on #18 green.

What if there is a tie at the top after 72 holes?

The HP Byron Nelson Championship still decides its ultimate winner by sudden death playoff.  This year they will play # 18 first.  If there is no winner they will play # 18 again.  After that, if still tied, they will then play # 17, then # 18 etc.

If the playoff ends at # 17 there will be a short ceremony on # 17 green for the TV broadcast.  The formal ceremony with Mrs. Nelson and the HP Executives will immediately follow at # 18 green.  So stay and watch the action.

May the best player win …