Junior Reporters-Win A Prize At The Momentous Institute Tent

Come swing by the Momentous Institute tent on Champion’s Way and Be A Part of the Heart! Everybody here is smiling and having fun. There are all kinds of prizes to win. There is also the ultimate grand prize which is an upgraded ticket. The tickets are used to get into a club house where you can eat and also have fun. I did notice that the bracelets, sunglasses and the t-shirts are the prizes won by most people. 5

As I was watching everyone, I decided to interview some volunteers. I asked several questions like, “Why did you become a volunteer?” The responses I got from that question were that some people wanted to come out and see the tournament and some wanted to see this part of our program.  One volunteer, Sonia Cabrales,  said that she liked to spend time on things and events that are impactful to the youth and our future leaders. Another one of her answers was that she loves trying to encourage people to join the Momentous Institute social media. I was very impressed by her last words which were, the more people that join, the more support and awareness Momentous Institute receives. Everyone wanted to have some fun!

Later in the day more and more people started coming to the booth. When I went to the painting that the art teacher and her students had made, there looked as if more than a thousand people had already signed the heart! When I was done looking at the heart, I went to the spinning wheel. I was watching one on person that had come to our tent spin the wheel. All of a sudden everyone started screaming and cheering. I then notice that he had on the ultimate prize, two tickets to the club house!  So much for just winning a bracelet!   I could tell he was excited because he too was screaming. “Yes!”

I really had a fun time at the Momentous Institute tent. Don’t forget to stop by for some fun. You might even win those awesome tickets!