Junior Reporters – KidsZone

Most people think that golf tournaments are for adults only. But think again! The Byron Nelson welcomes kids too. They even have a play area called the KidsZone. The KidsZone is amazing! It has craft centers, an art contest, video games, bounce houses and, of course, putting greens. You can make all kinds of stuff, like coping bracelets and glitter jars. Coping bracelets are bracelets you make yourself out of beads with letters. They are for all ages and you are supposed to spell out calming words that can help you when you are frustrated, nervous or both. Glitter jars are filled with water, glitter and glue (to make the water thicker) and they can help you “settle your glitter” in your brain.

When we went by, there were about 20 kids there playing at all the centers. We had to try the bounce houses (for research of course) and had a great time in the obstacle course. All the kids there had smiles from ear to ear, so I think they were having fun. All the adults working there were very nice and patient with the kids (I think because at least a few of them were therapists from Momentous Institute).

When you come to the Nelson, be sure to stop by the KidsZone. Maybe we’ll see you there!