Junior Reporters – KidsZone

Come and pop in at the KidsZone. There are so many fun activities for kids of all ages. You can draw, make coping bracelets or glitter jars, play in the bounce houses or just hang out. You will love all the activities. You can even take a picture with the Dallas Mavericks mascot, which is a horse named Champ.

Today there were a lot of kids in the KidsZone. I counted more than fifty kids there. I saw a couple of kids making coping bracelets. On bracelet said “calm down” another said “relax”. I thought they were all very pretty. When I went to another table I saw a group of kids making glitter jars. They looked really happy. Out at the bounce houses, I heard one boy say that this KidsZone is like a warrior training zone. I laughed at that remark. When I took my photo with Champ, he gave me his autograph. I thought that was cool. I stuck around by where they were taking the photos. When one little boy went to go take a picture with Champ, he cracked me up. He was scared at Champ at first, but then he got used to him and started to grab his fur.

The KidZone was packed, but not uncomfortable.  You should definitely stop by. I’m sure you will have a really awesome time.