Junior Reporters interview Brendon Todd

Our 2015 junior reporters from Momentous Institute have reported for duty! Last week two of Momentous Institute’s finest journalists joined us for the AT&T Byron Nelson Kickoff Luncheon.

They started the day by greeting Kickoff Luncheon guests.  “Today started with me greeting people. When I shook their hand some of them had a tight grip. All of the people that came were so nice! It was great to say hello or nice to meet you,” explained Jizelle, age 11.

Like all professionals they had one thing on their minds… food. “There were chocolate brownies. When you took a bite of it, it was like an explosion of great flavor in your mouth,” reports Pablo, age 11.

After the luncheon our junior reporters joined the dozens of media professionals to interview Brendon Todd. Pablo recalls “There were so many cameras around, I started to feel nervous. He asked me what I was learning in school and I told him I was learning about the American Revolution in social studies.”

“He was very nice. He also complimented my headband. It was awesome to meet him. It was an amazing day for me. I got to do something I have never done before,” said Jizelle.

Stay tuned for more breaking news from the Momentous Institute junior reporters.