Junior Reporters – Champions Way

Champions Way is kind of like a nice flea market except you don’t buy anything. There are tents on either side of the sidewalks where various businesses promote their goods and services. There are lots of things you can do to win prizes like roll dice, spin big wheels, shoot a tough putt, or just give them your personal information. You can also hit a golf ball while hooked up to a computer to see how hard and fast you hit it. The company will then send you an e-mail with the analysis of your swing. If you want to you can even take a picture with a John Deere tractor. Isn’t that cool?!  At the very end of Champions Way (or the beginning – it depends on which direction you are walking) is the Momentous Institute tent.

The Momentous Institute tent is where volunteers encourage people to like us on social media so they can learn what’s happening in the classrooms and find out more about our organization. They also have a wheel you can spin to win a t-shirt, a heart fan, a water bottle, a bracelet, a heart tattoo, or a pair of sunglasses. You can also sign a big heart painting, which was created by Talitha Kiwiet and her students, to show your support for Momentous Institute. Be sure to check out Champions Way on your way in and out of the tournament…and say hi to our teachers and the rest of the Momentous volunteers!