Junior Reporters – CBS Compound

Today Mr. Barrow allowed the 3rd graders from Momentous School (and Me!) to take a tour of the CBS compound.  Mr. Gardner gave Mr. Stewart, Ms. Moldovan and me a ride from the Media Center to the compound. I was really glad because it would have been a long way to walk. When we got there I saw why it was called a compound; there were a LOT of trailers. We started in the production trailer, where there were lots of little monitors and it seemed like thousands of buttons. There were quite a few wires too. Ms. Jill Hopfe kindly explained to me how everything worked. It was very interesting.

Next, we went to go eat lunch. The lunch room was a big tent with long rectangular tables. The tables had black cloth on it. We got our lunch from at a food truck run by Unique Catering Incorporated. Everyone had the same thing; chicken, fries, watermelon and Gatorade. Everyone kept asking for more watermelon, that was a big hit. All the kids said the food was yummy. When we were finished eating we got to eat ice cream. When that was over we went back into the production trailer.

When we were in the trailer the reactions I heard from the kids in the compound when the crew was working included: “wow”, “cool” and basically the 3rd graders being amazed at the work the crew does. Mr. Barrow told us about the jobs and more about what everybody does. We got to see the director and the rest of the crew. The crew made the third graders laugh a lot. I could tell that the kids liked it a lot especially towards the end when they groaned about the bus showing up. I was sure glad that I didn’t have to leave when they did! I’m also glad I get to come back tomorrow. See you then.