Junior Reporters – A Day at the Nelson

I just had an awesome lunch, so now it is time to inform you about the leaderboard again (my first update was right after breakfast). As of 3:00 Morgan Hoffman has the lead in the Byron Nelson Tournament. There are two men tied for second – Brendon Todd, and Mike Weir.  For fourth place there are six people tied (including my pro golfer from the Pro-Am, Gary Woodland). Mike Weir just moved up to first place. Now Brendon Todd is alone in second place.  They are scoring faster than I can type!!!

A little earlier, I got to walk around and watch some of the golfers work. At the fifth and sixth hole Mr. Woodland scored two birdies and I was there and he recognized me! Between the eleventh and tenth hole the river was beautiful the water was shiny and very clear. I got to see Vijay Singh take the lead in his group against Andres Romeo and Jordan Spieth. Scottie Scheffler scored a hole-in-one at hole two. Stay tuned for more updates on the Nelson!!!