Junior Reporter – Wednesday (by Vanessa)

Isaac and Vanessa are fifth graders at Momentous School, one of the programs of the Momentous Institute supported by funds raised at the Nelson. And this is their experience at the 2014 HP Byron Nelson Championship.

Today I guest caddied for Charl Schwartzel at the Pro-Am. He was very polite and he answered all of my questions. I even got to hold one of his golf clubs. The golf club I held was the putter. It was lighter than I thought it would be. I also thought it was very interesting that Mr. Schwartzel had a zebra cover on his driver. In fact most of the golfers I have seen so far have had interesting covers. I think that is one way they show their personality or individuality. Maybe Mr. Schwartzel chose a zebra because he is from South Africa.   

After we talked for a minute, he got ready to hit the golf ball, which went fast and far. It landed right next to the flag. I stood there in amazement. I was speechless. I thought it was really cool that it only took him one hit to almost get the golf ball in the hole. Mr. Schwartzel and I walked over to the flag. I was even more amazed when I saw that the ball was less than a foot away from the flag. Mr. Schwartzel then putted the golf ball in the hole. We shook hands, I thanked him for his time and wished him good luck on the tournament, and then we waved goodbye.

Afterwards the Golf Course Superintendents came to talk to all the fifth graders. They told us all about the golf course. I was surprised that the most common species they have at the golf course were squirrels (I thought it would be birds). I was also surprised that they cut the grass 2 times every day, in the morning and after all the golfers play. The grass cutters cut the grass down to a 10th of an inch in some parts of the grass! I thought this presentation was very interesting. I have learned so much already this week. I look forward to learning even more tomorrow.