Junior Reporter- Tuesday

Today I went to the opening ceremony of the Byron Nelson Championship golf tournament. One of the club members sang the national anthem. He sang with a loud clear voice. I enjoyed hearing everyone speak including, Beth Van Duyne, Patton Chapman, Michelle Kinder, Peggy Nelson, and Babe Laufenberg. The Momentous Institute 3rd graders were phenomenal singing, “We’ve Got Heart” directed by Kevin Roberts. Afterwards I got to interview Mr. Laufenberg. It was very cool that he played NFL football for 8 years and that he was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Next, we went on a tour with Scott Robinson. He introduced us to many people, including Phil Long, a golf club salesman. There were many unique and different types and brands of golf clubs. There was a golf club that balanced itself as the golfer would swing. That golf club was my favorite; it was from a company called Axis-1. There were many other golf club salesman and stacks of golf clubs on the practice green. The golf club salesmen were advertising their products and letting the pros try them out.

My highlight of the day was when we went to the Youth Clinic. The Youth Clinic is where pro golfers show their cool tricks, skills and share what they know about golf. It was very cool to see Mr. Spieth hit the golf balls through a piece of wood and through glass. Not only was it exciting to see the golfers perform their stunts but we were also able to enjoy ourselves and have fun all at the same time. Everyone also had a chance to participate in activities such as guessing the title of a Disney channel show by listening to the theme song or by entering your name in a prize drawing. This day was super amazing and I will never forget it!