Junior Reporter – Tuesday (by Isaac)

My experience at the Byron Nelson was amazing. When we got there we could see the Byron Nelson statue which was a memorable place to remind us about the Legendary Golf Player Byron Nelson. The third graders from Momentous Institute sang “We’ve Got Heart”. Their song blew me away!

Next, I took a tour with Mr. Robinson. He introduced us to a golfer named Greg Chalmers. Mr. Chalmers was very friendly and talked to us for a long time. I learned that Greg Chalmers is from Australia but lives in the Dallas area. His inspiration was his dad and Greg Norman (number one player back in the day). He practices 30-40 hours a week when there is no tournament. The first pro tournament he ever played in was the New Zealand Open.

After the driving range, we went to the Media Center to get our I.D. cards. The Media Center is where we write and type our stories. The food there was just plain amazing. I had a red slushie. I wonder if there are different flavors of slushies. There is an interview room where the press interviews the golfers.

We ended the day at the youth clinic. The Youth Clinic was shocking because Jordan Spieth was there. Jordan Spieth broke a man’s phone (oops). Jordan Spieth can hit very well and far. There was a driver given away for free if you could hit the golf ball through a board piece. A little girl won!

All in all, my first day at the Nelson was awesome! I am looking forward to the rest of the week.