Junior Reporter – Lance Barrow

By Vanessa Martinez – Momentous Institute Junior Reporter

Today I met Lance Barrow at his daughter Ms. Barrow’s class room when he came to speak to the 3rd graders. Mr. Barrow started off by telling us a little bit about his life and how he got his first job. Mr. Barrow grew up on a dairy farm. He later went to Abilene Christian University of Texas. He played football and baseball there too.  While he was in college, Mr. Barrow bluffed his way into his first job which was doing lower third graphics for ABC. After he graduated from college he started working for CBS and worked his way up to be a producer.

After he was finished speaking we asked him a few questions and here’s what we got. Everyone knows that he is a CBS producer. He started working with CBS in 1976.  Mr. Barrow has produced football, golf, NBA basketball, boxing, car racing, and many other things. He told us that the hardest sport to produce was golf. Can you believe that? I couldn’t! Mr. Barrow accomplished many awesome things.  Mr. Barrow won 10 Emmys; the Emmys are heavier than they look.  He was also put in the Texas golf hall of fame. Mr. Barrow played golf with Michael Jordan. Guess who won, Michael Jordan did!

Mr. Barrow has two daughters and a wife. Both of his daughters were born in New Jersey.  One of his daughters works at Momentous Institute. She teaches 3rd grade, his other daughter works for AT&T. Before his daughter taught at momentous institute she worked for the Dallas cowboys, she was even friends with Tony Romo.

Afterwards we went to the luncheon. As Mr. Barrow spoke I noticed differences. When he spoke at the luncheon, he didn’t talk about his family a lot, used bigger words, and seemed more at ease. I enjoyed that time. Now that’s the inside scoop of Lance Barrow.