Junior Greeters

By Salomon Navarrete, Momentous School 5th Grader and Junior Reporter

By now, everybody knows about the many ways Momentous Institute kids get to participate in the AT&T Byron Nelson: Opening Ceremony, Junior Caddies, Junior Marshals and, of course, Junior Reporters. This year something new was added for four lucky Momentous School 5th graders – the privilege of serving as Junior Greeters at the first tee. I sat down with two of them (Josiah Aranda and Kayla Ash) and asked them about their experience.


Their first impression was that, when the golfers came up, they were very nice to them. They said things like “Hi. What’s your name? Thanks for coming. We’re happy you’re here.” They told me that the best part was when they got to hand a booklet to world-ranked No. 2 player Jordan Spieth, but that they were kind of nervous because they didn’t want to look bad in front of him by being too shy. All in all, they said, it was a fun experience. I bet they will be even more excited when we participate in the Closing Ceremony with the tournament champion. (Maybe we’ll get to shake hands with Jordan Spieth again … if he closes out with a victory!)