Junior Caddy – Major Fun!

by Noemi Rojas, 5th grade student at Momentous School, 2022 ATTBN Junior Reporter

Sometimes you just want experiences to last longer. On Wednesday, May 11,  me and my 5th grade classmates at Momentous School went to Craig Ranch to be Junior Caddies for a day at the ATT Byron Nelson. We came back with a wonderful experience to tell.

When we arrived at 7th Tee, teams of two or three students were paired with a professional golfer. This was part of the annual Pro-Am that comes before the tournament. As I was getting ready,  I wondered if my golfer would be outgoing or very focused on what he was doing. When I first saw Marc Leishman, an Australian professional golfer, he was very friendly and told us about himself. He told us he had a family of his own. He also mentioned he started golf at 8 years old and also played other sports, but he liked golf best. Mr. Leishman shared that he sometimes struggled in golf.  Advice he passed on to us was this, “When things don’t go well for you, think about the good things in life, not the bad things.”

We all had fun being Junior Caddies, but two of my classmates were over the moon. They got paired with Jordan Spieth, a golfer from Dallas, who’s as famous as Shrek! Victoria told me that Jorden let her carry the golf club bag and then gave her a signed hat. They were so happy and nervous but at the end they also loved the experience.

Fun fact: When my sister was a 5th grader at Momentous School, she was the Junior Caddy for Jordan, and he gave her a signed glove. And she still has it!

Most of my classmates told me their Junior Caddie experience was enjoyable. I think most of us would have caddied for many more holes. It would have been fun to see more of the golf strategies in action, and to just learn more about the game.

Oh hey – I guess that’s a reason to go to the tournament this weekend!  😊