My Interview with Mrs. Peggy Nelson

By Mia Williams, Momentous School 5th Grader and Junior Reporter

When the Media Challenge for the AT&T Byron Nelson arrived, I was excited to attend the luncheon but even more excited to interview Peggy Nelson. I arrived at the Four Seasons Resort as the clouds cleared from the gray sky to let the sun shine through. I admired the great big Byron Nelson statue near the entrance while I waited with Mrs. Whidden, Momentous Institute’s Director of Leadership and Governance (and also my ride to the luncheon). We had the chance to view the immaculate golf course before all the media equipment was set up and I was impressed at how much work and effort was going into making the tournament happen.


We waited patiently in the dining area for Mrs. Nelson to arrive and she warmly greeted me. There were many other media members with questions for Mrs. Nelson, but she was mindful to answer my questions first. I asked Mrs. Nelson what the AT&T Byron Nelson means to her and she said it is very important to her each and every year. She feels that it is inspiring and it makes her happy to know that it helps so many families in need of services.


I asked her what her favorite memory was of Mr. Nelson and she replied that she has many wonderful memories. She shared that Mr. Nelson was a gentle, great person — like his father but had his mother’s drive. Mr. Nelson believed that what was important was not how you play, but how you conduct yourself and treat others. He also believed that the most important thing to remember is not to focus on your best score but on giving it your best shot. She shared that Mr. Nelson once flipped a putter up into a pine tree but, of course, made up for it by making many great shots soon after. She said that when he made a bad shot or got upset he would sometimes yell “You dog!” but he never ever cursed. She also shared how much she enjoyed Mr. Nelson’s sense of humor, his understanding and, most of all, his positive outlook on life.


I asked about her own life and Mrs. Nelson shared that she still lives on their 83-acre homestead and that one of her favorite places there is their lake cabin. She really enjoys reading while walking on the ranch’s green oasis and playing the piano. She is currently reading “Cold Case Christianity” and she enjoys playing Clair de Lune on the piano (wow!). Her favorite subjects in school were English and Latin and her favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. Mrs. Nelson said that she truly found her Prince Charming in Mr. Nelson and she still loves him with all her heart. Mrs. Nelson lives by Mr. Nelson’s example of honor, responsibility, patience and kindness and she believes and feels that Mr. Nelson is still teaching her.


Mrs. Nelson’s memories were very heartwarming and encouraging. I’m so thankful for the experience of meeting her and I admire her lovely heart. Through talking to Mrs. Nelson, I learned that no matter how many times you get something wrong – never give up. I appreciate her sharing her time and kindness. I also look forward to seeing her and all of you at the AT&T Byron Nelson!