Golf – What Has It Ever Done for You?

A long time ago I was presenting to the Board of Directors of my club a proposal that we host a major USGA event at our club.  From the Board’s perspective they would be giving up the course and most of the club’s dining facilities for a week.  Any revenue we could generate was unlikely to cover all of our costs.  A profit was unlikely.

As the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open are completed it is apparent for many readers why a resort like Pinehurst might host a big event.  Profit, exposure & notoriety all work their way into the picture.

… But ask yourself this question:

-Why does the Brookhollow Golf Club host the Texas State Amateur?
-Why does Shady Oaks Country Club host the Texas Senior Amateur?
-Why does the St. Louis Country Club host the U.S. Curtis Cup?

I’ll think I know why.  I’ll tell you what I told the Board of my club many, many years ago.  I had them play a game with me.  Here is how it went:

-Close your eyes.
-Next, think of all of the things that golf has done for you in your lifetime.

    1. The places you have seen.
    2. The courses you have played
    3. The people you have met.
    4. The satisfaction of finally shooting a good score,
    5. The sheer joy hitting a great shot.
    6. The laughs you have had with your golfing partners.

Now, do you have those memories clear in your mind?

It is time to give something back to the game that has given you so much.

Invite a group of accomplished golfers to come compete on your home course.

It is only a week.

And … after all … what is one week in the life of your club?