Gamsahabnida, K.H.Lee

K.H. Lee is a kind and generous professional golf player. He was also the golfer who won the AT&T Byron Nelson in 2021 and 2022.


I know he is kind and generous because on Friday, we were invited to attend a special meeting. Mr. Lee donated $20,000 to Momentous Institute to show his appreciation for the tournament that raises money for my school, Momentous School.


When we were there waiting for K.H. Lee, me and the other Jr Reporters practiced how to say thank you in Korean, because Mr. Lee is from South Korea. This is the word: Gamsahabnida. Pronouncing this word is really hard! We struggled to pronounce the word at first but then a Korean camera man helped us pronounce the word correctly. Even with his expert help though, it is a hard word to say. But we tried!


I feel grateful that K.H. Lee donated to Momentous because he didn’t have to do this, but he did and that can really help our school.