Fans, Friends and Family

By Bryanna Garcia, 2023 ATTBN Junior Reporter

This week, I attended the AT&T Byron Nelson and got to interview 3 professional golfers: Jim Herman, Kyle Westmoreland, and Augusto Núñez. During the interview, I got to ask them some questions. One of the questions I asked was “What makes a tournament memorable?” Surprisingly, they all answered this question in the same way. They think that fans, friends, and family can make a tournament memorable. Oh, and winning too, of course! I liked these answers because it shows that they appreciate the support.


Another question asked was, “If you could play another sport, what would it be?” Both Jim and Kyle replied with baseball, but Augusto said that he would prefer soccer.


I felt really nervous because I’ve never interviewed a professional golf player or just a professional person in general. At the same time, I also felt so excited because I interviewed amazing athletes that might win this tournament.


Well, that’s all! Stay hopeful, everyone!