Congratulations, Japan!

by Emilie Carmolinga, 2019 ATTBN Junior Reporter

I never knew that the AT&T Byron Nelson would bring together different cultures and countries.  The people at the Volunteer Headquarters helped me realize this when I went there for another story.  In conversation with some of the organizers there, I learned that they had a special event. They had decorated seven different tables in honor of the food and culture from countries that golfers are from including Mexico, England, Ireland, Japan, Australia and Canada. We got invited to judge the tables!

In order to determine out the winner, we used a scoring grid. Criteria we used:

  • Quality and uniqueness of decorations
  • Deliciousness of snacks
  • Desirability of freebies
  • Conversation with table hosts
  • Learning something about the country or golfers from that country

Me, my fellow Jr Reporter and editor walked around scoring the tables. We were trying to keep a low profile but at the end people knew we were the judges. I think we gave it away because we were holding our notebooks and pen and writing down a lot at each table!

We all agreed there was a winner. The winner was Japan, scoring very well.  Great decorations, unusual snacks that you don’t see and taste every day, and the hosts were very chatty.

Congratulations, Japan!