Building Buildings (and Excitement) for the 2023 ATT Byron Nelson!

by Tanek Huerta and Bryanna Garcia, 2023 ATTBN Junior Reporters

Brad Howland, ATTBN Operations Manager, is a man working against a deadline. When we recently met with him, he told us that he supervises a team of 300 people who are doing “the build” of all the structures required for the 2023 ATT Byron Nelson.
Mr. Howland is a very busy man. He told us that he sleeps with a notebook next to his bed, and that he writes down things when he thinks of them in the middle of the night. While we spoke with him, other people came up to him and asked questions. He answered everybody very calmly. It made us think that he likes his job, even though it is hard.
Bryanna asked Mr. Howland what 5 things he worried about during the long (over 4-month) build process. His answer: “Weather, weather, weather, and budget.” Although he didn’t list 5 things, we liked that he was honest and added silliness.
It was fascinating to see all the different workers getting the buildings ready for the tournament. Many come from far away and do tournament jobs as a career. All this learning for us was great.
But the best part? Riding in a golf cart!