An Encouraging Word

by Sarah Azpeitia, 2023 ATTBN Jr. Reporter


The word of the day on Wednesday? ENCOURAGING!


My classmates and I had the opportunity to be Jr Caddies at the AT&T Byron Nelson, and it was exciting. We each got to meet a professional golfer and caddie and speak with them about their work. The golfer I was matched with spoke French, and our Coach encouraged me to say “Bonjour!” I think the golfer was impressed!


My classmate Noah got chosen to do something a little bit different from the rest of my classmates and I. He was recorded on TV cameras speaking to golfer Ryan Brehm. Mr. Brehm is a person who likes talking about mental health. I asked Noah about his experience. Noah said he was really surprised because he thought he was going to meet Mr. Brehm in a room and just talk about golf. Instead, he met him outside while he was playing golf. Also, the golfer and caddie asked Noah lot of questions. They talked about sports and about stress. Noah showed them how to do pretzel breathing, and Ryan said he might do that during the tournament. Noah told me, “The golfer and the caddie were really nice but there was a lot of walking.” Noah ended up walking three holes with Ryan and his caddie. He got tired. I also asked how he felt while being on camera. He answered that he was actually kind of nervous. And that sometimes he really just didn’t know what to say.


All in all, this day was encouraging for me. My classmate Noah did something very different and challenging, and he kept with it. He didn’t just walk away because it wasn’t what he expected. He, Mr. Brehm and the caddie encouraged each other, and that encourages me to try hard too.