A Holiday Poem from the Desk of Jon Drago

holidaypromoHPBNCDo you ever struggle to find just the right present?

And you find walking the malls to be a bit unpleasant?

It could be for that special someone, who enjoys attending a great event

And wouldn’t miss a spring time trip, to hang in the Pavilion tent

Maybe there’s someone who enjoys being outside all day

And he remembers last May when Keegan battled Sang-Moon Bae

Do you want to treat someone to see the best players in the game

Where the champion will win millions and all kinds of fame

Where the competition is exciting and the buzz is apparent

And you have to pay attention in case any golf shots are errant

Then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this proposition

where you and 3 friends, can save 50% off admission

Come play at the Nelson, because that’s where we’ll all be

Click here to buy and then put it under the tree!


Jon Drago @jddrago
Tournament Director
HP Byron Nelson Championship