A Guide to Fundraising

by Yuliana Sandoval, 5th grade student at Momentous School, 2022 ATTBN Junior Reporter

Sure, there’s going to be great golf at the 2022 ATT Byron Nelson.  But did you know that it is also a fundraiser?

I feel lucky because this year, I am a Junior Reporter and I get to learn more about how my school is funded.

Now, I know that a good fundraiser (or kid business) includes:

  • A focus
  • scenery
  • people
  • extras

A Focus: The main activity is really the most important part of any fundraiser. AT&T Byron Nelson focuses on professional golf.   I don’t know much about golf, but this week I’m learning a lot about it: the different types of grasses needed, the different types of golf clubs and all kinds of things.  Golf must be pretty popular, because the ATT Byron Nelson is sold out this year.

Kid Tip: #1: Try to focus on something popular or something that people will almost certainly like.  Like lemonade!

The Scenery: Craig Ranch is truly a beautiful place, not only that but lots of things are multi-functional. For example, the water features are pretty, but they have another reason for being there.  They are obstacles for golfers. When planning out a fundraiser, it really helps to have a beautiful place that people really want to come see, but make sure the beauty serves more than one purpose.

Kid Tip #2: Try incorporating scenery into function when planning out a fundraising event next time you support a cause. Like decorating a lemonade pitcher for your lemonade stand.

The People: When there are wonderful people around you, it really helps you feel the most confident you can possibly be. And it just makes life so much easier! In my work as a reporter, I learned that the neighbors living at Craig Ranch have been really nice and cooperative, even though there is a lot of noise being caused by construction.  Other nice people are tournament volunteers like Mr. Johnson and Mr. Clark. We were lucky enough to get rides on a golf cart from them. (I was so relieved that I didn’t have to walk, as we were all getting tired!)

Kid Tip #3:  Surround yourself with friendly people, and be nice to your neighbors!
The Extras: There’s a lot of things to buy at the ATT Byron Nelson. You can buy shirts or access to the Pro-Am or to different places.

Kid Tip #4: At your lemonade stand, you might want to sell toys or something. This will boost your sales because not only would you have made more money off of the extra things, you will also have more customers after they see the extras.

Before I became a Junior Reporter, I never really thought about what goes on before events are ready. Now, whenever I go somewhere, I’m going to be thinking about all the people who must have made it possible.