Lessons Learned

by Sarah Azpeitia, 2023 ATTBN Jr. Reporter


As a junior reporter at the AT&T Byron Nelson, it has been my job this week to record information about a topic, what is happening, and to also interview golfers and others to gain information about them.


The job is important because we find out interesting and helpful information. This is what I learned this week:


1. Reporting is not just about interviewing people, it’s about learning new things.

2. You have to be prepared but also flexible. People you want to interview may have to cancel. People who you are interviewing may actually ask you questions. You just never know what could happen.

3. Golf is an international sport. I said bonjour to French golfer Martin Trainer. I shook hands and said Gamsahabnida (thank you) to 2022 champion K.H. Lee. I spoke Spanish with Argentine golfer Augusto Núñez. This felt good because I never really thought about speaking any languages other than Spanish or English.

4. When you write an article, you can start by reading something that others have already written about the same topic. This is called research.

5. The reporter’s job is really hard, important and busy, and you have deadlines, so you can’t goof around all day.

6. It is really tiring when you have to walk all around the golf course. But you also have moments where you laugh out loud.

7. Reporters can get free ice cream in the media center!